About us

With over eight decades of innovation, development and delivery between us, we combine the systematic, solution-focused, design-led minds of engineers, with a shared passion for creative thinking and fresh perspectives – which means we’re never afraid to do things differently.

Our vision

To make co-working safe

Sharing and re-using are essential to the future of our planet. Sanichek’s innovations make sure this can happen safely, without the transmission of germs and viruses on surfaces such as chairs, desks, conference rooms and communal spaces.


The problem

Invisible forces with visible effects

Germs and bacteria are the invisible enemy, but what’s not invisible is their effects – infection and illness. Whether COVID-19, H1N1 or the common cold, germs spread fast in shared workspaces without proper sanitization, affecting productivity and morale.

To date, 500,000 Americans have died from COVID-19 and that figure increases daily. According to the CDC and ASM (American Society for Microbiology), coronavirus pathogens can be spread on surfaces, through human contact and in the air.

Our solution

A unique Sanitization Management Technology

Sanichek shows the sanitization status of spaces with a green or red light, comprising RFID sensors, readers, and a smartphone proprietary operating system.

cleaner app mobile

Operation is extremely straightforward. The cleaner uses their app to let the system know they’ve arrived in a room. As they leave and shut the door behind them, the system changes the room status from red (dirty) to green (sanitized).

As you open the door to a sanitized room, a green light will display on your phone and the door tag will notify the system you’ve arrived. When you leave the room, the system is notified that the room needs to be re-sanitized, before the next person or people can use it.

Sanichek data provides a cumulative digital record of a company’s due diligence and best efforts to protect employees and mitigate health risks.

Beyond office environments, Sanichek technology is adaptable to the sanitization needs of a range of market sectors, such as airports, universities and emergency responder equipment.

cleaner app desktop

The future

A healthier, happier workforce

We expect Sanichek to continue to grow and provide value to public health, safety and wellbeing, long after the threat of COVID-19 has passed.

The technology will cater to an increased public awareness of germs and infection; it will help mitigate future health scares; and will help employers and employees alike feel confident and safe in the workplace, through accuracy, transparency and trust.

The board

nadine cio

Nadine Cino

CEO & Founder

Nadine Cino LEED AP, former fashion designer, now CEO of Sanichek, pioneers smart glo-sensors that glow green when clean. AI monitors air quality and disinfection, safeguarding human health and future-proofing facilities for effective risk management.

marty spindel

Marty Spindel


Marty Spindel, inventor and entrepreneur holding 11 issued patents and with multiple patents pending, co-founded TygaBox, TygaSmart, and Sanichek. Having revolutionized office moving and asset management, he is leveraging his subject-matter expertise to safeguard human health in facilities worldwide.

Our staff

Junshen Gao

Video & Animation Liaison

Muhfasul Alam

Systems Integrator

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